Something new for me

14 Jul

My husband started teaching summer classes this week and we joined our local Y. Adjusting to our new schedule was harder than I had anticipated. At any rate here’s a bit of what’s been going down at the Y, trust me, most of it is probably only amusing to me – if that doesn’t get you to keep reading, I don’t know what will, lol.


I’ve been making a lot of smoothies lately, or smoobies if you’re one of my children. This one is soy milk, banana, blueberries, bit of lime juice, vanilla, and yogurt. It was pretty good. I like having smoothies before going to the gym instead of breakfast because they’re filling and yet not heavy, our usual tofu scramble feels way to heavy for pre-gym eating.

Anyway, about the gym – my husband works out, a lot. I’m not really a gym person, you can tell in pictures of me I’m fat. I’m okay with that. But we switched over to the Y because I became obsessed with wanting to go swimming. I love swimming. Guess who hasn’t been swimming once but instead has been working out and kind of liking it, much to her surprise? Yeah, this guy.

Also, funny thing about our Y – it’s like a maze in there! On our first day, J and I couldn’t remember how to get to the room where the weights & ellipticals were. So rather than asking like normal people, we wandered around. We found a room with treadmills so we went in and as soon as I walked in some old man turns around and shouts “this is the MEN’S fitness area! YOU can’t be in here!” I laughed so hard while walking out, especially because we overheard him complain to the other old guys that I thought I could just walk in there because of Obama. Ha ha ha!!! Awesome!!

Our next excitement at the gym was when J and I decided to take a yoga class. Well, I decided for us and put the pressure on him until he did it. It was harder than we anticipated, but we both liked it and on the way out J said he couldn’t wait to take it again next week. Yay!

We’ve also been playing basketball with the babies after we work out. Well, more like they chuck the basketballs at our faces while we try to make baskets to impress them. They love it. I overheard them having a conversation about it the other day:

B: basketball?
L: après dodo (dodo is my mom’s French word for sleep, it’s like ‘night night’)
B: basketball après dodo?
L: yeah

Okay. I’m glad that they’re sorting it out for me. Ha ha.

I guess the point of this post is that the Y isn’t so bad. I like the other people, although super grunting guy really freaks me out – do you really need to grunt that loud when lifting a 5 pound weight? I actually like that there’s a mix of people that go there. I just wish that the gym child care had more black kids than B & L, but maybe there are and we haven’t seen them yet. And maybe I’ll finally get around to swimming.

What new things are you doing this summer?


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