10 Jul


I made a bracelet the other day. I tried out a new to me technique called peyote stitch. I learned about it in the Mastering Beadwork book I had gotten for a birthday a couple years ago. I actually got it, and a bunch of beads, right after the babies came home – you can easily guess why I never had time to touch the book. But I sure looked at it a lot. I love that necklace on the cover! I’m dying to make it for myself.

But, this bracelet I made is for a friend.


I hope she likes it.

While I had all my bead stuff out, I made a bunch of bracelets for Bea and Lucien. I only have a picture of Lucien’s – he picked out the basketball beads at the store and then strung them when we got home, I just knotted it.


He’s pretty excited about it – and he doesn’t even know that some of those beads glow! My favorite thing about that bracelet though, is that hidden next to the basketball beads is one small, shiny, pink bead – he loves pink.

Also, as a not related story about him but sort of related, he’s been really good about going on the potty. And the other day we were at the bookstore and he had to go, so J took him in the men’s room and he went! So, we told him we’d get him a book because he asked for the bathroom and went. Can you guess what kind he got? He walked right past all the typical boy books and wanted a book about a little ladybug – because he really loves ladybugs. So cute. I love that his two main obsessions are ladybugs and trains.


I’m sure there will be more bracelet making for Bea in my future as we had this conversation today:

me: so, you really love bracelets. You’re going to be the bracelet queen.

Bea, popping her hand in the air and shouting: YEAH!!

I love their obsessions right now.

2 Responses to “Bracelet”

  1. deb jacobs July 10, 2012 at 15:47 #

    that is so sweet. and i love your bracelet! came out great!xx

    • Chantal July 10, 2012 at 16:16 #

      Lucien is really becoming more his own person lately, and less a copier of Bea – we really like that. He’s usually sweet, but sometimes not which is normal for all kids I think.

      And thanks. I’m about to start a new bracelet, tonight, I hope. I keep planning to do it and keep getting too tired after the babies go to bed…

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