Farm time

16 Jun

J and I discovered a really cute dairy farm not too far from where we live, The Lands at Hillside. We went a couple times – and I fell madly in love with one of their cows!

Before J left for Salt Lake City (he was going to grad high school world AP exams), we drove out with my mom. She loved it so much, we went back again while she was here – I think for her it had less to do with the awesome cow and more to do with the amazing fresh ice cream.

Here the babies are checking out the free range chickens with J. At first Bea was completely petrified of them, but by the end she was sort of into them.

Here they are checking out the ducks with grandmaman. Again, Bea was petrified of the ducks but then relaxed and was sort of into them, on her terms, by the time we left.

I suspect we’ll be going here a lot this summer, for the ice cream and for my cow friend. Pictures of my cow friend o come – they’re on my camera and J has my laptop, and is out of town at the


2 Responses to “Farm time”

  1. deb jacobs June 17, 2012 at 00:46 #

    i so wish i could hang out with you xoxo

    • Chantal June 17, 2012 at 08:32 #

      I’d tell you to come visit, but we’re usually pretty boring. But come visit!

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