Beady Bea

30 May

I rebraided Bea’s hair the other day with some of the beads I’d bought. I went crazy and let Bea go crazy at the Curly is Cuter bead bar. This means all are beads are shades of pink, purple, orange or blue. We also got some metallic, butterflies, stars, hearts, and glow-in-the-dark.

I broke the braiding up into two days and let Bea pick what and how many beads per braid. Here’s the start:


She didn’t like when I got to the top of her head, so I promised her a donut if she sat still. She sat still.


I’m pretty happy with it. More importantly, she’s very happy with it.

Also, I hate to be a pain about this but please vote for Bea . Thank you!


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