Day at the farm

18 May

I had a lengthy talk with my friend google the other day and was told about a dairy farm not too far from where we live. Now, if you’ve been reading long enough you should know two things – 1. I love farm animals (like the time we live in Maine and I picked up a piglet and tried to cuddle it like a puppy…)and 2. I dislike most outdoor activities. Luckily it was fairly cool out today so we decided to take the kids to the farm.

We used to drive by a bunch of dairy farms in TN but they’d never seen a cow up close. So, we thought at the very least it would be amusing for us.

We drove out to Hillside and first thing when we got out of the car we saw some chickens and a huge rooster. J took Bea to see them, she got scared – of course. I took Lucien to see the one chicken that was walking alone, he was unsure but didn’t get scared. I liked the greenhouse area:

We went into the farm shop and got the kids lunch – they had pizza so they got lucky. I had a fresh made on the premises cheddar cheese stick – way better than sargentos. Anyway, after they ate I asked the woman at the cash register where we should go to see animals, she pointed us to a path.

We got on the path, saw more chickens!, and got to the sheep and alpaca pen. Lucien wanted to pet the sheep until he got close and one looked at him and he hid behind J. Ha ha. Then we went over to see the cows, horses, goats, and mini donkeys.

Bea liked the wildflowers and the butterflies best, probably because they were smaller than her.

We went into one barn that was full of cows with one particularly friendly cow. I pet her to show Lucien how friendly cows are, and she licked me! I loved it of course! J, Lucien and I spent a good half hour petting her while Bea danced around us (she likes animals on her terms). I asked our cow friend if she wanted to sneak home with us, but she didn’t fit in my purse.

Then we had some farm fresh ice cream! Sugar highs all around.



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