Happy Birthday Lucien!

17 Apr

Today is Lucien’s third birthday. Wow. It seem like literally yesterday he was this tiny:

He is no where near that tiny any more. We were told before going to get him, and Bea, that they were wearing 18-24 month sized clothing. Imagine our surprise when we got there and they were tiny peanuts (seriously, Bea fit in 6-9 month clothing at 10 months old and he was 14 months and wearing 9-12 month old clothing). They just started wearing 24 months sized clothing around Christmas time, you know, almost two years after they got home… Anyway…

The above picture is from our first night with the babies. It’s telling of Lucien’s personality, I think. The way he’s holding Bea, he’s still a sweet and gentle boy – even of he sometimes tries to throw trucks at her head.

Some more things about Lucien: he loves music and will stop to dance when he hears it, he will also sometimes sing a son he’s heard once but sing it months later. He loves Hartley (me too!) and follows him around all day. He actually likes all animals. He likes watching movies with me when Bea is napping (he likes Jacques Tati and Charlie Chaplin). He likes to figure out how things work – my sewing machine, embroidery, doors. He once saw RuPaul on tv and called her a “pretty lady.” He’s a good eater who will try anything once. He shares his toys, mostly. He loves bubbles and slides and recently talking.

I’m really looking forward to what the coming years have in store for us.

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