Holiday visit

10 Apr

We went to visit my mother in law for Easter weekend, usually we stay with my mom but she was all fancy and in Florida for the winter…so we went to my mother in law’s. It was fun. The babies got a bit shy on Easter when my adorable twin nieces and brother in law showed up but when we were alone with J’s mom, they were their usual goofy selves.

We took a day to go up to Northampton to meet up with friends and have lunch. We first met up with our friend Carolyn. She’s an amazing artist, check out her etsy right here. I felt bad the babies pretty much ignored her, like they do with all new people they meet. At least Bea didn’t scream.

We then went to Haymarket with Chris and Bob. I hadn’t eaten there before, I’d only had their amazing vegan brownies and coffee. This time I got the tofu scramble – so good. And because I’m a good parent, I drank some of Bea’s fresh pressed apple juice – holy cow! It was amazing! I wonder what kind of apples they use? I thought maybe gala.

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures of this weekend but here are my two polar opposite favortites:



It’s the many moods of uncle Chris. Ha.


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