NEPA Blogfest

31 Mar

On Friday night, J and I had our first night out since the babies have come home – 2 years ago. We found a great gal to babysit, one of his former students who’s an ed major and whom both the babies and the dogs liked (score!).

We went to the NEPA blogfest. We figured that if it was bad we could just leave. Turns out that we actually had fun. We first met Harold and Michelle , who were the organizers and who made us both feel welcome.

As we debated getting out booze on, we kept hoping that Cheri was going to show. Check out her blog, I’ll wait…If you know me in person, I shouldn’t have to tell you why we wanted to corner her. Her blog’s about abandoned stuff – and you know we love abandoned things! We saw her come in and tried to play it casual, but I think she was weirded out by our enthusiasm for her blog – sorry, Cheri! We’re nerds!

We also met Leslie and Dave. Leslie is as cute in person as on her blog. And in a weird random thing – her dad does African studies and J knew of him.

J loves taking goofy pictures with inanimate objects, like statues or scarecrows…he was in luck on Friday because Gene Stilp, who was running for some office (I don’t remember) brought his giant blow up pig (that I was told he made) with him:





Oh, and someone took our picture with Michelle. And as a bonus, we went out for Indian food after. We’re glad we went.

2 Responses to “NEPA Blogfest”

  1. Harold March 31, 2012 at 23:59 #

    It was so good to see you there! And it’s a good thing you recognized Cheri – she changed her hair since the last time I saw her, and that’s the way I recognize most people! And I know she LOVES talking about the abandoned places she visits, so I’m sure she wasn’t weirded out!

    • Chantal April 1, 2012 at 08:04 #

      We were excited to get out of the house without the kids, and even more excited that we had a good time.

      We loved hearing about all the abandoned places Cheri had been to. She had an audience that was willing to listen to all her stories about the places.

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