Spring and I got a babysitter

29 Mar


I’m really loving this spring weather. I heard that this isn’t common for Scranton to be this warm, but I’ll take it. It’s reminding me of Tennessee winters which were always so mild.

My husband who also enjoys parks, see the picture below, finally got a babysitter.


Yep. We’re going out – without the babies. I don’t know how they, and the dogs, will do with the sitter. They’ve only been babysat by my mom who feeds them candy, so of course they love it. I’m a bit nervous about it, not so much for the babies but I’m hoping that the dogs behave.

So where are we going? We’re going to the NEPA Blogfest, we thought it might be fun to meet new people. This is our, lazyish, effort to try and make friends since I hated all the moms from the moms group I’m hoping this is better. It’s really hard to make new friends when you’ve just moved to town and you’re in your 30s. And we figured it’s a night out without the babies so even if it’s terrible, at least Bea wasn’t there screaming.

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