What we did on spring break

14 Mar

I mentioned a few posts back that my husband was on spring break last week. We didn’t do much until Thursday – we all had colds! It wrecked our weekend plans, which had been visiting my mother in law.

But, when we were all feeling better, it coincided with the weather being wonderful and warm. We went to the park!

Miss Bea giving me the bear paw!

Lucien climbed the wall – by himself! He was so proud. Meanwhile, I thought for sure he was going to fall.


We went out for Mexican. As you can see, J was very excited about it. Bea tried to not let anyone else have guacamole – which is typical for her. I really should just make some at home – anyone have a good recipe for it?

J got a shamrock shake after years of wanting one. Weren’t they unavailable for a while? He said it was a let down and that it tasted like liquid toothpaste. I didn’t try one, as I may have discussed I hate mint and I am more of an iced coffee addicted person.

Finally, we checked out a local cemetery. Not because we planned it but we were checking out neighborhoods where we might want to buy, and saw this huge cemetery so we thought we’d take a peek.

And I worked on my new needlepoint project.

I guess we did have a busy week.

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