Hair, not the musical

6 Mar

The babies and I all had new hairdos to show off this week. First up is Bea who’s new hairdo doesn’t quite show in the picture, but it’s two French braids leading into two puffs. It’s really cute. Also in the picture is a completely Bea picked out outfit. She’s really gotten into picking out her outfits everyday, so we end up with lots of stripes and dots and pink and purple and non-matching clothes. But she’s cute so it works.


Lucien also has a new hairdo. I, for some reason, thought it was a good idea braid his hair. He did not agree but once it was done and he looked in the mirror he said “happy” and “I like my hair.” So, maybe it was worth it?


Lastly, I dyed my hair. I haven’t had my natural hair color for years! I’m not really quite sure what my natural color is anymore, except that there’s a lot of grey involved. I tend to always dye my hair in reddish, pink, or orangey shades. I used to do black once a year but haven’t dyed my hair black in about 10 years, I think it would weird me out to not have reddish hair anymore. Anyway, this time I used manic panic’s hot hot pink. I’m pretty happy with it. Oh, and Bea’s rocking some braids in this picture. I’ve been trying to give her more braids since she’s better about sitting for them.



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