Obsession runs in my family

25 Feb

I know I’ve mentioned my various obsessions on here before. I found a new one this week:


Paper cranes! I’ve always loved them but could never make them. For some reason I googled directions this week and it clicked. I made a small army:


I’m planning on stringing a bunch together to make mobiles for the babies’ rooms. I think it’ll be cute. Or at least I hope it will be cute.

I also noticed this week that while Lucien’s obsession with the choo choo train pjs calmed down a bit, a new one popped up:



You’re seeing it correctly, he’s wearing his sister’s purple snowpants over the choo choo pjs in one picture and over his clothes in the other. Yes, this was in the house and no we didn’t go outside. He loves the snowpants. I think he thinks that because they’re puffy they’re made of pillows – because when he’s wearing them, he’ll purposely fall.

I also wanted to make a post about this last thing all week but never got around to it, but Holly, who used the same adoption agency we did, wrote a really good post about adoption in the Congo. She brings up a lot of really good points about corruption and how to fix it. Personally, having gone through the process, I think that if there is to be real change in the way that the US side of Congolese adoptions are handled, it needs to come from the parents who make their agencies accountable for every cent they give them. A lot of agencies talk about transparency but are they really? I also think that if there’s to be change on the Congolese side, then it needs to come from there. If there’s to be any change in Congo at all on anything, it needs to come from the Congolese. I mean, we all know Congo is a mess and that there’s no really oversight in the government. Once when I mentioned (before my adoption was completed) how the Congolese government was corrupt, another mom from my agency told me that I should be thankful that Kabila was “allowing” us to adopt their children and that we should respect him and what he’s doing for the children of Congo. Yeah…and people wonder sometimes why I don’t like other adoptive parents? This is why.

Anyway…There’s a pretty good discussion going on in the comments. Check it out here.


2 Responses to “Obsession runs in my family”

  1. Elizabeth February 26, 2012 at 22:56 #

    If you get him suspenders to go with all his pants, you’ll blow his mind. 😉

    • Chantal February 27, 2012 at 00:12 #

      Holy cow! I hadn’t even thought of suspenders!! I think there’s a trip to the store for some suspenders coming up this week!!

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