Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

We never really paid attention to Valentine’s Day before this year. Yes, we’re a lame couple. I know that.

This year my mom sent the babies some pajamas for gifts instead of candy, which is good. Here’s Lucien in his “choo choo train” pajamas. Do you think he likes them?


He actually doesn’t want to take them off! He asks to put the back on the second he walks in the door if we’ve gone out!! As someone who gets obsessed with things, I can get behind his commitment to the choo choo train pajamas.

Also, in honor of the holiday I make cupcakes for J to bring to work. Dark chocolate cupcakes with coffee icing.


My decorating skills are lacking, as you can see but that frosting is so good. Then again, I love coffee flavored anything. I very much love coffee liqueur, so good…Anyway…if you’d like the recipe to the frosting it’s on my other blog, here, and the frosting is vegan even if the cake part isn’t.

How was your Valentines Day?


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