Baking and embroidering

7 Feb


I made whoopie pies today. Chocolate cake and a vanilla & blood orange cream cheese filling. I think I didn’t add enough confectioners sugar because my filling/frosting was a bit runny. It’s a bit more clear in the cupcakes below:


Runny. But tasty. I’ll have to worn on that frosting. I’m usually pretty good at making the frostings but awful at the actual baking part of it. This time my obsessive watching of baking shows and reading of baking blogs has paid off.

It hasn’t been all baking around here, I’ve started a new embroidery sampler. This one is also from dropcloth on etsy, I love her samplers.

I just started this one:



Lastly, I wanted mention that Mr Lucien got into one of the boxes that holds all my embroidery floss. You are probably guessing correctly that the floss ended up everywhere. It looks nice now:


I feel like this year is starting out productive on my end. I like that. What have you been up to?


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