Unplanned break

12 Jan


That’s one of my dogs, Miss Josephine. She’s doing what I’ve been doing for about a week now – laying around.

That’s right. Someone got sick. Again. This time my doctor said I has the flu. I got really lucky in that my mom offered to take the babies for the week so they wouldn’t catch it. You seriously have no idea how absolutely amazing that is to have as an option…we said yes. Only because J started back teaching on Monday.

Long story short, I didn’t have the flu. I had/have a severe uti. It, for lack of a better word, sucks. But yesterday was the first day I started feeling more like myself. That makes me happy because I miss having the babies around – the house is so quiet without them. So quiet. We’re going to get them Friday. I’m looking forward to it – and I’m sure my mom is too, as they’re quite a handful.


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