Holiday trip out of town

30 Dec

My little family took a trip to visit the grandparents over Christmas. It’s a 3 hour car ride, which is awesome. The babies slept part of the way there, and the whole way back, so that made it even better.

Our first stop was my mom’s place. That’s where we would be staying for the next 5 days. My mom lives in a small one bedroom apartment where you have to go through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. So, you know, there’s lots of privacy. Ha. Anyway, the babies love going there, not only because grandmaman spoils them, but because every time they leave my mom’s place, they knock on her neighbor’s door and she gives them cookies – what’s not to love?

We also visited with my dad. That was going pretty well until Bea asked his girlfriend for juice and the gf said no. We ended up leaving early because 2 year old Bea had an epic meltdown. And frankly, I was happy as I couldn’t wait to leave. Things were much better when we went to Boston to see J’s dad. The babies love J’s stepmom, she was a kindergarten teacher and she’s wonderful with children. 20111230-103250.jpg

Things got better when the babies unwrapped their Elmos. I now hate the Elmo’s and am constantly telling the babies that the Elmo’s are tired and need to nap. That makes me a terrible parent. 🙂20111230-103124.jpg

We went to J’s moms for Christmas day. That was fun and quiet. She had blocks so they pretty much played with blocks all day and were happy.

We went to visit friends. We visited the Springfield natural history museum which also houses the Dr. Seuss memorial sculpture garden. Bea loved it, Lucien stayed with my mom that day as he wasn’t feeling well.
Another fun thing we did was that my mom babysat and we were able to go out to dinner. J and I ended up going to the place we went to on our first day, Kashmir in Hartford. We told the waitress that we’d gone there on our first date, 12 years ago, and we think she gave us a hookup – as we got extra stuff we hadn’t ordered and the meal was a lot cheaper than it should’ve been. We now love that place for more than the funky elephant. 20111230-103920.jpg

So, we had a pretty good trip. We met up with a bunch of friends, ate a ton of Indian food (4 days in a row!), and the best part was that it didn’t involve taking a plane to get to and from home.

We’re happy to be home. I’m sure the dogs are happy to be out of doggy jail and the cat must be happy we’re here even though she’s been in super hiding mode.

How was your holiday?

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