Eeep, it’s so soon!

23 Dec

So, we’re on our way to our moms in Connecticut. It’s a 3 hour drive. We have a car full of homemade jams an cookies for gifts. But that sweater I was knitting for my mother in law? I didn’t finish it. I talked to her last week and told her that I didn’t finish it and I felt pretty bad about it. She said not to worry about it, but I am. I told her I’d tell her what it was when I saw her and just mail it when I finish, which should be soon it just needs sleeves.

I’m getting excited about seeing our families without having to take a plane without a bunch of layovers. We tried to plan the trip for when the babies normally nap. Bea’s asleep, Lucien keeps trying to open bags in the back seat…


So, just a couple of links I wanted to share. This one about a South African band’s response to that annoying Band Aid Christmas song. It made me laugh.

Also, my blogging friend, whom I’d love to meet on person, Elizabeth, posted something really – I don’t know the right word touching, nice, just the right thing for me to have read this morning – anyway, read it right here . Having worked in retail for many years, I always try to be nice to cashiers. That’s a job that sometimes can be downright awful during the holidays.

Oh, and can you tell I love the iPhone feature where you can have the camera face you for pictures? The babies and I have been having a lot of fun with it.


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