Getting holiday ready

9 Dec


My house has been a flurry of holiday related activity.

We didn’t decorate, as we never do – before this year, we never decorated because we would usually spend 2 weeks visiting family in CT. This year we didn’t decorate because we realized that a tree wouldn’t fit in either of our cars – we have small cars. We’re planning on decorating next year, though, so ours moms keep calling to tell me that they’ve put aside Christmas stuff for me – even my mom’s friends are putting things aside for us.

The holiday related busyiness has more to do with the knitting in the above picture. It’s my mother in law’s gift – a cardigan. I’m almost done with the body and will just have the sleeves left to knit. It’s the ribbed cardigan from Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Knits book – it’s my favorite knitting book, I’ve made 4 things from it and they’ve all turned out really well.

We’ve also, well by ‘we’ I mean me, been busy making Christmas cookies. I thought it would be fun this year to make everyone a cookie care pack as part of their gifts. Cookies and homemade jams (apple maple or cranberry pear) are what most of our friends and family are getting. I’m completely obsessed with baking shows and reading baking blogs, however, I’m a terrible baker – I always want to improv everything and usually get crappy baked goods (and chocolate & too much sugar gives me migraines). But after the success of the garam masala cupcakes, I thought I’d try cookies. My husband glanced at the list of cookies I wanted to try and said he’d help. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t helped yet.

The first cookie I tried, wasn’t a cookie, but a dried cranberry nut and white chocolate cluster. It turned out pretty good.

So, I then made a recipe I found for “monster cookie bars,” there’s chocolate chips, chopped up peanut butter cups, and instead of the called for nuts(we didn’t have any) I threw in chopped pretzels. They overcooked a bit, but are still pretty good.

Then I tried making meringues – almond vanilla. I’m impressed with these. I always thought they were so hard to make. I’m planning on trying to make some maple ones over the weekend.

Last night, I made coconut macarons that were dipped in chocolate. I overcooked these a bit, too. They’re still good, but not as chewy as macarons usually are, they’re what you’d call on the crunchy side.

Do you make Christmas cookies?


2 Responses to “Getting holiday ready”

  1. deva December 10, 2011 at 09:35 #

    i thought you would decorate with all kinds of home sewn cuteness!!

    • Chantal December 10, 2011 at 09:41 #

      Ha ha – nope. I’m way to lazy for that kind of stuff. Maybe once the babies are a bit older and we’re not in a rental – mostly because we’re in a rental (we have most of our stuff packed in storage).

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