More talk of stitches

12 Nov



I finished the sampler!

The stitches in my finger are out! It still hurts when I bend it, but at least the stitches are out and the antibiotics seem to be working.

In non-stitches news, I went to a mommy playgroup thing this morning. I brought Lucien. He had a blast. It made me happy since I had thought about blowing it off. I might take both next weekend.

Oh, and in more non-stitches news, cappuccino peanut butter. It is amazing! I picked some up at my local farmer’s market a week ago because I thought it sounded really freaky. Turns out it’s super good. We picked up some more tonight and the woman who sells it told me how to make it! Then, we went to our local Indian grocery and I asked how to makes dosas, and the owner said his mom would make me some! I guess being a regular who constantly compliments his mom’s samosas and cookies is working out for me.

I this will be a good weekend.


2 Responses to “More talk of stitches”

  1. Elizabeth November 15, 2011 at 01:14 #

    Yay, lots of good news! Can we get a full shot of the embroidery? 🙂

    • Chantal November 15, 2011 at 01:26 #

      I’m planning on taking a picture of the whole thing once I iron it. I’m so happy I finished it.

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