First Snowfall

30 Oct


You could say that it has been quite an exciting weekend here at la maison Rich. Not all of it was good – especially since I had planned on going to my mom’s with the babies for the weekend. J has to work on halloween night and I do not want to take the babies out alone, and Bea’s costume was at my mom’s, and my friend Ronn had invited me to go to vegfest Boston with him…

Anyway, weekend travel plans were cancelled when I got a call from my (new & awesome) doctor letting me know that I had an appointment for Friday morning.  What appointment? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I’ve been really anemic for the last few years. It got better in 2010, and I was able to get off the iron pills, but recently when my new (& awesome) doctor did a bloodwork panel, she saw that I was still anemic and badly so. She gave me a choice of taking three iron pills a day, or getting an iron transfusion. Yeah, neither seemed like a good choice to me either…I picked the iron transfusion.

Before the iron transfusion, I googled about it. This was a mistake as all I read about was people having allergic reactions to it. I was so freaked out I didn’t sleep at all the night before! Anyway, I got to the hospital at 8:45am and didn’t leave until after 2pm. This is because they give you a 5 minutes test dose then watch you for an hour, then they give you a 2 hour dose and watch you for an additional half hour. I didn’t have a reaction, thank goodness!

I was the youngest person there by about 30 years. I was in the room where they give chemo. There was an 80 yr old man next to me that chatted me up a bit. I just asked him a lot about Scranton. They gave me lunch, which was surprisingly okay for hospital food. Then after I left, we went to Old Navy to get J a winter coat and Lucien some boots (we ordered mine on the internet later that night).

So, I felt pretty good Friday. Tired from lack of sleep, but fine.

Then, Saturday morning I had planned on dying my hair. In fact, I had the dye in my hands, when I decided I wanted coffee first. While in the kitchen I thought maybe I should just have breakfast, and got a bagel out of the fridge. This was my mistake…

I was having a hard time cutting the bagel and the babies and J were distracting me, and well…guess who had to go to the urgent care for stitches on her finger? This guy! Yep. It hurt so bad and it was bleeding so much I had a hard time getting dressed – ‘cuz I wasn’t going to urgent care in my pjs. So, yes, two stitches. I took a picture – it’s in the private post below this post – password: finger. I’m just happy it was not my left hand. And the doctor said that I was really lucky, because it’s so close to my knuckle/joint that I could’ve sliced a tendon. Also, suffice to say that J will be slicing my bagels from now on…

So, this morning I was afraid to get out of bed…

Anyway, some good stuff happened, too. Bea and Lucien have started saying sentences. Mostly “no, mommy,” but you know, it’s a start. It snowed. That isn’t good, but the babies’ love of snow is very good. J took them out to play and they loved it – many tears were shed when it was time to come in. The picture above is of my little family in our backyard.

Other good things from the weekend? Hartley’s unending patience when Lucien climbs all over him to hug him. J got me some caramel mocha iced coffee randomly. The babies are over their colds. The babies’ costumes fit them, even if our plan for last night was snowed out. Mostly, I’m happy that most of this snow is melted! Hopefully my boots get here before the next snowfall. Oh, and I have a couple craft projects to share this week that aren’t house slipper or circles!

How was your weekend?


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