Cold and Crafty

17 Oct




We had a cold make the rounds at my house this past week. First the babies, then me. Guess who got hit the worst? If you guessed mommy, then you’d be right – I even lost my voice today. I’m on antibiotics and am feeling better, mostly because my mom is here. We were supposed to go visit her this weekend, but because I was so sick – she hopped in her car and drove here! It’s so new for us to be able to do that, just hop in the car for a short visit (it’s a bit under 3 hours to get to my mom’s place). And yes, the babies have recovered…Bea is mostly coughing at night once or twice, but otherwise they’re back to normal.

Anyway, one super amazing thing happened when I was sick. It wasn’t another dream about walking to the corner store with Hartley, but I got a surprise package in the mail! My friend Aya’s mom made some more dresses for Bea and a couple button down shirts for Lucien. Her mom even made one of Lucien’s shirts and one of Bea’s dresses in matching fabric – so cute. I can’t wait to dress them in their new outfits! She also sent me a Japanese craft book that has a bunch of cute knit and crochet patterns. I think I will be having a good time trying to figure them out. I have to say, when I got Aya’s package, I was reminded that I have some amazing and generous friends. It made my day and made me so happy, and also a bit sad that I don’t live closeby to a lot of my friends. (In case you’re nosy like me, Aya was an exchange student who stayed with my family when we were both in high school. I haven’t seen her since she was in my wedding, which was the summer of 2002. She’s talking up a trip to NYC with her mom, her brother and his family. I hope so).

Okay, so. In the first picture is a headband I made for Bea before I got the cold. I didn’t realize, until after I called my friend google, that the trick to making those corkscrew ribbons was to bake them. In the second and third pictures, Bea is wearing dresses that Aya’s mom made(!) and sent her at the beginning of summer. I love that white one, it’s so delicate and pretty.

Also, with my mom here, I gave her a pair of house slippers. She loves them and wants multiple pairs for when she travels…I still haven’t finished Bea’s Congo flag dress, but everything is cut out, it just need to sew it. I am also three rows away from separating the sleeves from the body of a cardigan I’m knitting as a Christmas present – I’ll post some pictures of that this week as I like how it’s coming out.

I also wanted to point out that I got a cold the last time I signed up to participate in the last kid’s clothes week challenge. Maybe that’s a hint to not sign up next time… 🙂

What crafts have you been working on?

2 Responses to “Cold and Crafty”

  1. Elizabeth October 18, 2011 at 14:56 #

    What an awesome gift & such cute clothes!! So nice that you get to live near your mom, now. 🙂

    • Chantal October 19, 2011 at 16:28 #

      I’m always amazed at how amazing and generous my friends are.

      I’m very happy to be closer to my mom, mostly because it means our visits will be 3-4 days – less time for fights. She and I have a 3 day limit, then we both go beserk on each other – aka, we go back to how we acted towards each other when I was 15. But, it is really great that if I wanted to, I could hop in the car in the morning and be at her place before lunch. The babies and I could visit for a day, in theory, that’s awesome. And not just her, my dad and my in laws, too.

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