Still happy we moved

30 Sep

Front porch playtime
We’ve been settling into our new town more and more. We’ve found a couple places downtown that we really like and that are places that we’ll definitely be taking any friends that visit (we took that one that had already visited and he loved them!). One of the places we really like is the Fanciful Fox, a vegan soap shop. It’s owned by a (hip and super nice) mother and daughter. They also have an adorable shop dog – that Lucien loved! The other place we really love is the Eden Vegan Cafe, it’s two doors down from the Fanciful Fox. To be honest, I’ve ordered the same thing each time I’ve gone there – the Elvis burger (a veggie burger with tempeh bacon and fake cheese).

I’ve also found a super cute yarn store about 5 minutes from my house. The Electric City Yarn Co, it’s in a really cute neighborhood – that I’d love to live in. This means that this winter when it’s full on winter, we’ll be taking a drive to that area to see if we can make up the hills in my car. I drive a tiny car that doesn’t like hills in good weather – seriously, we should’ve gotten a minivan or something bigger as our second (mine) car. Anyway, cute neighborhood and yarn store by my house – that could be dangerous!

Can you guess what I'm making tonight?
We’re still loving the farmer’s market – last time we went we impulsively bought 15 pounds of apples. I made two different kinds of apple jams – apple maple and apple pie. We have about 25 jars of apple jams…the joke here is that I literally never eat jam. I just really like making it, a lot.

A slightly better picture of my home haircut.
And I got sick of my hair constantly knotting and chopped off about 7.5 inches. I hadn’t had a hair cut, other than trims, in about 4 years – it was time. I’m pretty happy with it, even if it is pretty uneven and choppy.

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