21 day vegan challenge: day 1, part 2 electric bugaloo

5 Sep

A few weeks back when he was visiting, Ronn asked me if I’d do the 21 day vegan challenge with him. I said yes, and surprisingly, so did my husband. It started today.

Before I give you our first new-to-us recipe, let me remind you of what happened during the vegan challenge part one: I somehow got an intestinal virus and landed in the hospital for 4 days, and Ronn (who joined the challenge on day 4) called me the day after he started to tell me that he’d eaten bbq ribs a few hours after committing to the challenge. I’d say I won that round as I did make it to day 14 or 15 before getting sick.

So, I think the hardest thing to give up this time around will be Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. Now that I live in DD land, we get at least one a day…not a huge deal though, I do make a fair amount of iced coffees at home. I like coffee. A lot.

Anyway, I found this recipe online over the weekend and wanted to try it, but not as a lasgana. We ended up making the cashew ricotta sauce (and adding in 3 chopped up and lightly sauté’d carrots), and mixing that with spinach, tomato sauce, and pasta (we used that Barilla kind where it’s made with veggies). We put the mix in a baking dish and baked it uncovered for 30 minutes at 375. It was really good. The babies went crazy for it. I think we have a new recipe going into rotation at my house. And I think next time I’m going to add more veggies.

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