We got a fast car

31 Aug



My husband had to teach last night and while the babies were playing, I watched a bunch of how to style black hair videos on youtube. This was kind of a mistake as I decided to try Ghana Plaits on Bea’s hair, even though I didn’t have the right kind of thread.

Ghana Plaits are when you section off the hair, like you would for box braids, but instead of braiding, you wrap thread around the hair. If you wrap tightly, you can bend the hair sculpturally. If you wrap loosely, you can push the hair up and it looks coiled.

It took my about 4 hours to do Bea’s hair, that’s including the break we took to have dinner. The longest part was just cutting all the threads and then delicately combing Bea’s hair. Since I don’t normally bother to do anything with her hair other than moisterize, I forget how long it actually is. Bea has long hair, her usual ‘fro hides that.

I’m lucky that Bea sat calmly through the whole thing. She didn’t cry until the very last plait. I’m not sure how I feel about this particular hair did, but she seemed to like it when she’d look in the mirror – and I guess that’s what’s actually important.

Oh. And this morning when he saw it, my husband told me that the women in the family he normally stays with in Gabon do hair like this. He said they will spend hours each day doing hair wrapping. I told him we should move to Gabon and the ladies and I could open a salon together. We’d get all the business because a lady the color of milk doing hair wrapping would be a novelty. He agreed and then reminded me of the weather there…

*blog post title from a tracey chapman song, as when I texted a friend of mine a pic of her, he thought it looked like tracey chapman hair.


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