Random goings on

29 Aug


Things have gotten a bit more hectic here as my husband started teaching last week. I think that, so far, he seems to like his students and co-workers.* I do have to say, the co-workers of his that I’ve met, I’ve really liked, too.

J and I are still working on typing up the index for his book. We should’ve been done by now, except that in checking each others work, we realized that some of the entries in the index have radically different page numbers. As in, I thought something on page 3 belonged under “chimpanzees,” and he did not – or he thought something belong under “Fernan Vaz,” and I didn’t. So, rechecking and merging our entries and page numbers has taken some time. I should also point out that J didn’t put the page numbers down on the index cards in numerical order! So that’s slowing things down, a lot. Yes, he randomly put the page numbers where ever on the index cards. And he has messy handwriting.

I did find some time to do some reading. We’ve been picking up books like crazy at the Borders closeout sale. I just finished Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. It was really good. Heartbreaking and depressing, but also really hopeful. I really liked it. I picked it up because I really like Alexie when he was on the Colbert Report a while back, he was really funny. I started following his twitter and really like him – he’s very funny, I think. So, I thought that maybe I should read one of his books. I bought another of his books that I’m hoping to start soon.

I also picked up, at the Borders sale, some craft books that I’ll be reviewing and posting projects I’ve made from them. As a teaser, a not very good teaser, I’ll say that I started a project from the Wee Wonderfuls book last night.

As you can see in the picture, Hartley likes to make himself comfortable. I think he was trying to sleep off the storm, which wasn’t actually that bad where we are. However, my hometown got hit pretty badly, as you can see in that youtube video. That was taken by my old middle school and not too far from my first apartment. My mom wasn’t home when the hurricane hit, thankfully she was visiting her sisters in Quebec. I’m just thankful that all my friends are okay. I’ve been watching tons of youtube clips of the flooding in Bristol and it’s insane. It keeps reminding me of all that flooding in Nashville a couple years ago, except that I don’t know if Bristol will rebuild as quickly.

*except for that one guy that just went off with a bunch of racial slurs, right as my husband was about to go into his first class at the new school…but I’ll save story that for another time


2 Responses to “Random goings on”

  1. Elizabeth August 30, 2011 at 10:11 #

    We’ve never have Borders around here, so I envy the sales! Hope your town’s okay! Had a friend in TX tonight lamenting that he couldn’t be in his hometown in VT to help with clean up. Hope school & book keep going well!

    • Chantal August 30, 2011 at 10:20 #

      Scranton is good. It barely rained here – we slept with the windows open & Hartley never barked while it was raining. Jer and I felt that we had worse rain when we lived in TN. I wish we could help out in our respective Connecticut hometowns. I understand how your friend feels.

      We’ve been scoring big at the Borders sales, especially since the one that had been near us in Nashville closed in May. We’re double scoring with this one.

      And, I should also say I’m very excited for Jer’s book to come out now that I’ve read it. I think it could appeal to a wider audience, which I’m not just saying because I’m his wife. 🙂

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