More photos of the new place

21 Aug





I realized this morning that I never posted more pictures of our new place.

This first picture was taken from the doorway of the master bedroom. The door facing is the bathroom. To the left are the two kids’ rooms. There’s also a large linen closet to the right of where I took the picture.

The second and third pictures are of some of the neat architechural details in the house. The light fixtures are all pretty old and I suspect that some are original to when it was first built.

The last picture is of the freaky goings on in the shower. The actual showerhead that’s used isn’t in the picture, but it’s right above where the tiles end. The first time I tried to take a shower, it took me a good 45 minutes to figure out how to get the water to come out the showerhead. When Ronn was visiting last weekend, he gave up and took a bath. For the record – where the water comes out of the spout for a bath, there’s a metal ring, pull down on it hard then the shower will work. Weird, right? And what’s with all the old knobs? Although. I’ll admit they are pretty cool looking.

Once we do more unpacking and settling in the babies’ rooms and our room, I’ll post pictures of the bedrooms. And yes, we still like it here.


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