Random people

20 Aug


I think I’ve mentioned before that I hate that my family is a model of race relations. If not, here’s your warning – I hate being a poster child for transracial adoption. I’m not a particularly friendly person, in person, so it sometimes weirds me out to get stared at and not know why – until I remember that my children are a different color than me and J. 

Well, the other day, we took the babies out to dinner at a diner. Turns out the diner was senior citizen central. They were all over the babies! Every single person at every table around us just started cooing at my children.

Then the old man next to us started asking questions.

Are they yours? Is he the father? Why are they black? Are they twins? How old are they? Why did you adopt from Africa? Did you go there so you could pick them out?

Here’s the thing, as much as that last question offended me as both an adoptee and an adoptive parent, J and I could see that he wasn’t asking to purposely offend us. He genuinely wanted to know about the adoption. I wanted to say that we didn’t pick them out because they’re children and not pets, but instead I told him about the referral process. I think I bored him. Ha.

My point is, Scranton is really fucking white. We thought we were going to come across a lot of people making comments about the kids, but it’s been the opposite. We get a lot of smiles. We get lots of people asking if they’re twins. Mostly we get people stopping us to tell us how cute or well behaved they are.

If that keeps up, I think I will really like living here.


2 Responses to “Random people”

  1. Elizabeth August 23, 2011 at 06:04 #

    That you’re not friendly in person is funny to me since I find you very friendly. 🙂 Fair warning: I am an extrovert & friendly in person. Should we ever meet, I may overwhelm you or weird you out. 😉 Haha!

    • Chantal August 23, 2011 at 06:13 #

      I’m not as introverted as I used to be, thanks to moving around a lot. But it still takes me a while to warm up to new people – Beatrice and I have that in common. 🙂

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