Now we’re actually busy

16 Aug


The past few weeks that we’ve been in our new home have been sort of busy, but not really. We unpacked the kitchen and most of my crafty stuff. We haven’t yet found all of Lucien’s clothes, but did unpack Bea’s. By the way, Bea has way more clothes than she’ll ever wear, I need to point out how truely generous our friends are as most of her clothes are hand me downs (or handmade by me). Anyway…

The picture above is my husband on our front porch. We have a great front porch. I like to sit out there at night after the babies have gone to bed and read or knit. I like that the neighbors here talk to each other and that there’s lots of people walking by with their cute dogs (spoiler alert: all dogs are cute!). This picture was taken last week when we still had time for relaxing.

What’s changed?

The manuscript for his book came in the mail and someone stupidly offered to do the indexing for him. Yes, stupid is me, and he said he’d pay me. We started last night. J gave me a list of terms for the index and I’ve got a problem – I haven’t read the book at all so I’m completely distracted by reading it. I’ve heard all the stories about Garner when J was doing his research, now I’m reading all of them. When I was caught up in reading last night, I thought that maybe I should read his stuff more often.

Add the manuscript indexing to J starting classes next week and more unpacking, it equals busy…but we’re still happy to be living here instead of Tennessee.


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