Happy times

15 Aug



I’ve been silent of late because we’re still unpacking! We’ve been more interested in exploring our new town than unpacking.

We had our first weekend visitor this past weekend. My bff, Ronn, came for the weekend. The babies had a blast! They loved him and I suspect when they wake up tomorrow and he isn’t here…they’re going to be very sad.

We didn’t do much while he was here. He andd I went to the vegan place in town for lunch of Saturday afternoon. He and I talked about doing the upcoming 21 day vegan challenge together. Yes, he’s the one that had bbq ribs on day 3 last time. After lunch I brought him over to check out a vegan soap shop that’s 2 door down from the restaurant. He loved it, which I knew he would.

We also went to a Lebanese food festival at a local church. Bea only wanted to eat the sugary fried dough, and as a member of the terrible parent club, I let her. Lucien loved the garlicky hummus, the spicy spinach pie and the potato pancakes, but once he tasted the sugary fried dough – that’s all he wanted. We tried to go to an Italian festival at a different church today, but got there after it closed so we went for Indian instead. The babies filled up on mango lassi and literally wouldn’t touch anything else. I feel I should point out that on the way over there they had some lemon poppy seed bread, pretzels and some cantaloupe – they usually eat better, but like I said I’m a member of the terrible parent club.

We went to my local Borders, too. I picked up a couple Sherman Alexie books. I figured if I thought his twitter was great, I should probably just read something of his. I also found a vegan “quick and easy” Indian cookbook. I’m very excited about it. J and I have a bunch of recipes we want to try. And I’m also excited because Ronn brought his copy of the uncheese cookbook for me to borrow. There’s a whole section on vegan fondue, so that will be helpful when my 24/7 fondue party lifestyle starts.

Lastly, I made another jam – strawberry balsamic. It’s really good.


2 Responses to “Happy times”

  1. 5hundredproject August 16, 2011 at 01:16 #

    Hey, where’s the pictures of RONN? 😀

    Also, yes, Sherman Alexie’s writing is incredible. I think you’ll like it. What did you pick up?


    • Chantal August 16, 2011 at 01:32 #

      He wouldn’t let me post them – cuz he’s a douchebag. 🙂 He didn’t want anyone on the fb to see pics of him. He’s very anti-internet, but yet is into internet dating sites…you know him, so…

      I got Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven, because I liked the title, and the young adult Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I started the latter and like it a lot so far, although it’s also really sad. I didn’t realize the Alexie wrote Smoke Signals – I loved that movie.

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