Happy Birthday, Beatrice!

4 Aug



Today is Miss Beatrice’s 2nd birthday.

First off I have to point out that this year’s birthday is already shaping up to be better than last year – last year Bea had a really bad ear infection & strep throat on her birthday. She was so sick she couldn’t even eat her birthday cake! This year, we’re all healthy and we’re all happy (despite out issues with the dmv, which will be saved for another post).

So, she’s officially a toddler. I kept calling her a ‘toddling woman’ this morning, which J did not like. Ha.

She’s grown a lot in the last year. She’s now spent more of her life with us than in Congo. She sings all the time and talks a lot. She likes be shy in public, but she’s getting better about that. She loves guacamole and her daddy. She also loves popcicles and her grandparents. She likes our pets, but doesn’t seem to like any other animals – I keep joking that she’s the only vegetarian that doesn’t like animals.

I hope we have many more happy years with Miss Beatrice. She, and Lucien, are (mostly) joys to have around. I’m just looking forward to their talking…


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Beatrice!”

  1. Elizabeth August 7, 2011 at 01:03 #

    Haha – we are always looking forward to the next thing. I miss their littleness & could use some quiet. But, they are super fun when you can converse with them,too! Happy bday, B!!

    • Chantal August 7, 2011 at 01:06 #

      Another friend of mine said the same thing, that once you can have actual conversations with your kids that it’s much easier and more fun. I’m looking forward to that. Right now I’ll settle for a full sentence though.

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