A perk of unpacking

27 Jul

I’ve found a fun perk of unpacking a bunch of boxes – it’s like Christmas when I open a box that has not been touched since I moved from my parents’ house, over 10 years ago. In one box, I found my dad’s old Super 8 movie camera. J and I want to take to a camera shop to see if it still works. I also found some really neat looking square, obviously super old mugs that neither J nor I ever recall seeing. I got too check out all of my fancy dinner plates that we got for our wedding in 2002 but never used. In case you’re nosy, like me, here’s a . I still really love it, but I feel silly using fancy pants plates when the babies, and J, are constantly dropping things.

But my favorite thing has been finding old cheesy photos! This is one of my favorites, it’s from my 21st birthday:

Can you tell that I had been taking full advantage of having just turned the legal drinking age?


2 Responses to “A perk of unpacking”

  1. Elizabeth July 28, 2011 at 06:01 #

    Wow – lots of great finds!! I only have a Super 8 app…the real thing sounds better. 😉 Did you go to the movie? Glad you’re finding some fun in the process – I love doing that stuff (don’t shoot me!)

    • Chantal July 28, 2011 at 07:00 #

      We’re so busy alternating between unpacking and driving around to check out neighborhoods, we haven’t done much else. I sort of like the unpacking – mostly because when I put things away, it’s about the only time things are neat. 🙂 It’s coming together though.

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