Moved In

25 Jul


The movers came on Saturday, at 7am! We’re really happy that all our stuff made it in one piece. Well, one thing broke – a sandwich platter from my fancy set of dishes, a wedding present I’ve never used. We’re going to try to glue it back together. If that doesn’t work, my mom told me they sell my set at TJ Maxx now…

As you can see one of us got very tired out from the movers. Lucien kept trying to run off with the movers’ dolley. He would put his drink on it and run around the living room with it. Luckily, the movers found it funny. They kept asking him if he wanted a job, then would high five him.

Unpacking has been very slow. We got the kitchen done and put the cribs together, that’s about it. I’m easily distracted, in general, so peeking into boxes we haven’t looked at since I moved out of my parent’s place 10 years ago is bad…on the upside, I found some funny old pictures that I’ll be scanning. I also found some old mix tapes, so J and I will have a good time listening to those.

Our unpacking is also slow because we’re having a lot of fun exploring Scranton. We figured we might as well check things out before he gets caught up in teaching this fall. We’re also checking neighborhoods where we might like to buy (hopefully next summer). We did find one amazing perfect for 20ish goth Chantal, but the neighborhood is really shitty. It’s like the Marsden house from Salem’s Lot, or for people from my hometown (Llyra, I’m looking at you) it’s like that house near Main St. I’m going to try and get a picture the next time we drive by, because seriously, if it went up for sale you can believe that regardless of the neighborhood I’d be bugging J non-stop until it was ours. It’s that awesome. And yes, I do know that because I like the outside so much that it means the inside must be a shambles.


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