Violet, you’re turning violet, Violet

11 Jul


I took a trip out to my local yarn store this weekend and bought the yarn to make the February Lady Sweater. A friend of mine, on facebook, asked a bunch of her knitting friends to join her in a knitalong for it. I declined because of the move…but the bee was already in my bonnet. I caved and started one.

When I was at the yarn store, I agonized over what color yarn to buy. I tend to wear four different colors and that’s about it (black, grey, green & pink). I forced myself to not pick one of those four colors. It was so hard. I liked a bright red yarn I saw, but decided against it because I dye my hair red and thought it might look weird. I liked a pale yellow, but I’m the color of milk, so yellow looks weird on me…

I ended up with the above yarn. Cascade 220 heathers, in the colorway ‘Mallard.’ I like the lighter turquoise flecks in it. My husband was shocked when he saw that, that was the color I’d picked. I literally never wear blue.

I cast on for it last night. I knit on it in the car this afternoon and tonight while watching tv. I’m really excited about it.

Then it dawned on me…am I going to look like a blueberry wearing that color? J assured me that I wouldn’t look like a blueberry…that I was talking crazy. Maybe. I guess we’ll have to wait and see until the sweater is done. Honestly, I’m hoping to get a lot done on our move-drive.


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