The influence of tv

6 Jul

My mom likes to tell people how she only ever spoke French in the house when I was growing up. She sent me to nursey school and I did not speak a word of English. After the first week, she asked the teachers how I was doing, since I didn’t speak English. They looked at her like she was insane and then said that I spoke perfect English. They and my mom, figured out that all the PBS kids shows I watched had taught me English – and that I had somehow figured out that we didn’t use English in the home.

The above story relates to the blog title, because tv was influencing me as a wee child and it’s influencing me again as an adult…

About a month ago I was watching the Cooking channel* and caught a show about cookie shops. It showcased some cute shops and insane sounding cookies – oatmeal raisin sandwich cookies with caramel ganache in the middle, yum. Or there was another place they showed that gave you a shot glass of milk when you bought cookies, which I thought was cute but it also made me wonder if they had soy milk or just regular. 

Anyway, whenever I watch shows like that I always think of how much fun it would be to own a cutie cookie/cupcake/sweets shop. Never mind that I don’t really bake, at all…

Since then, I’ve become obsessed with it. I told J yesterday that once we move (next week!), that I’m planning on testing out my cookies/cupcakes/sweets on his new department. Doing that will do two things: make them like me for my awesome baking skillz and make them diabetic from all the sugar.

I keep telling J all my baking flavor concoction ideas. Mostly they involves homemade jams as fillings and blood oranges. I love blood oranges and think that some sort of blood orange cupcake/cookie/something would be awesome.

I also called one of my aunts to see if she had the recipe for my grandma’s donuts. When I was little, my grandma made these amazing donuts. All my cousins still talk about them and how much we miss them (and her). The aunt I called didn’t have the recipe and said she’d check and see if my other two aunts might have it. She also told me she wouldn’t be surprised if my grandma had never written it down. My grandma was the queen of improving just about everything she cooked – she was famous for telling her daughters to just add whatever ingredients were needed until it looked right. My mom cooks like that. I kind of do, for savory foods. I want to bake like that.

For now, I just annoying my husband telling him about my fake sweets shop – complete with a cute fake name and cute fake decor ideas. Poor J, right?

*as you may have guessed, I’m not really a foodie, but I really like Roger Mooking’s show and cooking shows in general. But seriously, Roger Mooking, look up his show.


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