Fireworks fun

5 Jul


We went to a friend’s last night for some fireworks and swimming. Of course, J packed my swimsuit and B wanted nothing to do with the water…but J and L had lots of fun swimming.

While the boys were swimming, B and I played in our friend’s son’s playroom. She liked that – there were no people and no dogs. For some reason, she was really freaked out by dogs yesterday. I think it’s because one of their dogs was way bigger than her.

The babies loved the fireworks that were sparkley and quiet. When they were loud, they’d run and hide – which was also kind of funny. They loved the colored smoke bombs – colorful, and more importantly, they were quiet. 

On our way home, J and I were sad that we couldn’t bring our friends with us when we moved.

We didn’t just do fireworks this weekend, we actually had a full of activities weekend, which for us is weird.

Friday was my birthday. We were supposed to go to dinner and a Warhol exhibit at the museum, but…someone got super sick and spent a while at the doctor’s. Yes, it was me. I was sick on my birthday. When I got back from the doctor’s I just went straight to bed. The sad thing here is that I’ve actually had worse birthdays. Or maybe that’s a funny thing?

Saturday, we went to World Market. It’s cheesy, but I love that store. We also got a flat on the way home.

Sunday, we had friends over for pizza and ice cream making. It was really fun. All our kids had a great time.

Oh, but here’s something super weird – before our friends showed up, two cars pulled into our driveway and parked. So I went out to see what the deal was, and it was the parents and sisters of the woman buying our house. The dad says, “oh, we thought you’d moved. Do you mind if we look around outside? I want to get a sense of the property lines.” J walked around with the dad, while I talked to the mom.

She asked me about hunting. So, I tell her, while feeling like a terrible vegetarian, that there’s deer, turkey, pheasant, grouse, rabbit…and she looked at me and said, “you got squirrel?” Now, keep in mind we live on just under 6 heavily wooded acres…of course we have effin’ squirrel. What did she want with the squirrel? I was to scared to ask, so I just said yes. Then she asked me, “do you get a lot of robberies out here?” What the heck? Was she casing the joint for squirrels and expensive items? I just told her no, and that even if someone was casing our house, they’d see we had two barky dogs. Weird, right?


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