Congo Independence

30 Jun

Today marks 51 years of Congolese independence. I’d like to take the babies to some sort of celebration, but there isn’t much of a Congolese community in Nashville. J and I are hoping to make it to some Congolese celebration of independence in DC next summer*.

I’m still unsure of how to talk to the babies about Congo. I’m sure they’ll ask about it when their older – older is good as maybe we’ll have figured something out by then.

For now, I tell them about Patrice Lumumba. I tell them how when we were in Kinshasa, we saw the spot where Lumumba was arrested (no pictures though as it isn’t allowed). I also try to tell them good things about their culture – the amazing fabrics, and the music. I wish there was a children’s book about the Congo, I keep telling J that I should just write one and market it to other families that have adopted from Congo…

*it should be noted that J is talking up going to DC for Gabonese independence celebrations later this summer. He lived in Gabon for a couple years and it a country specialist for Gabon for Amnesty International.


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