27 Jun


I finally finished the sampler from dropcloth. I feel like it took a long time to do it since I started right before Christmas, but I actually didn’t touch it for a couple months. I still have a couple beads left to sew on before it’s totally done, but they’re packed…so it will have to wait until after the move.

I should be noted that I have no idea what to do with the finished samplers. Should I have them framed? Maybe sew them into pillows? Hang them in embroidery hoops in my craft space? I don’t know.


And because I’m not obsessive at all (cough, cough), I’ve started a new sampler, also from dropcloth. Seriously, with all my embroidery sampler obsession lately I should try to design my own – I do have an art degree, maybe I should put it to some use…


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