Finally some crafting

23 Jun


I finally did some more stitching on my sampler. It’s from dropcloth on etsy. I did her original sampler, last fall, I think. I loved working on it. My husband thought he was being nice and bought me this one for christmas this year.

I started it in December, right before christmas. I haven’t been working on it everyday, but this one is taking way longer than the other one. Maybe because the babies don’t nap as long as they did last fall?

I’m almost done with it. That makes me happy – especially since I happen to know that my husband got me more samplers for my upcoming birthday. Spoiler alert: I know because I bought for myself with his paypal. Yep. I buy my own gifts because I’m such a bitch baby that I can’t deal with secrets. Actually, that’s not true – J usually doesn’t tell me, he just didn’t know what sampler I wanted.

So, yeah, dropcloth on etsy. If you do embroidery, her stuff is really fun.


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