Water Babies

21 Jun




We got lucky when we moved to Tennessee in that we’ve made some pretty good friends. Although we can’t wait to move back up north, we’ll be sad to leave our friends.

A couple of these friends called us yesterday to see if we wanted to come swimming. Remembering how much Bea loves her kiddie pool, we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

J went into the water with Lucien first. Lucien wasn’t super into it at first. I think he was scared. But, he relaxed after a bit and splashed around. However, as you can see in the picture above, no matter how much Jer tried, Lucien would not jump into the water.

Bea on the otherhand did something completely out of character. I may have mentioned her shyness around others, but if not, it shoudl suffice to say that she’s extremely shy around non-family members. She’s gotten better, and yesterday is a prime example of that. While J & Lucien were in the water, she looked like she wasn’t sure what to do. Then when our friend, whom she’d only met twice before, turned to talk to her – Bea didn’t even hesitate and just jumped into her arms and into the water! We were all surprised and so proud of Bea for just going for it. She spent the rest of the afternoon going up the ladder to go around to jump in our friend’s arms. It was so cute!

I suspect this means that after we move we will be enrolling the babies in some swimming classes. They were so happy in the water. Oh, I didn’t go in because I do not have a swimsuit that fits properly. I also suspect I will have to buy myself one – which is a whole other post.


2 Responses to “Water Babies”

  1. Elizabeth June 22, 2011 at 11:03 #

    They’re adorable.

    • Chantal June 22, 2011 at 19:38 #

      Thanks! We were surprised at how much they loved swimming.

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