20 May

I mentioned a few posts back that my friend Jennifer over at Photojennic took some pictures of the babies and some family pictures. Well, tonight she put some of the pictures of the babies on her shop’s blog. I LOVE the one of Lucien laughing, it’s adorable. If you want to check them out, here’s a direct link, click here!

She’s coming by tomorrow so that we can finally get a family picture. It was too hard last time as Bea just freaked out and no longer wanted to sit still – can you blame her, there were insane geese wandering around. And to be honest, my mom was there and she was no help. So, I’m hoping that if the cicada level isn’t too bad tomorrow, that we should be able to get them done outside at a local park. I’ll post more of them once they’re all done.


2 Responses to “Photos”

    • Chantal May 20, 2011 at 09:45 #

      Thanks, Deva! I’m sad she couldn’t get a family one, but am looking forward to trying again tomorrow – the weather will be (a lot) warmer, so we can have some not sweater pictures…Also, when I looked at the picture you linked, I noticed how large Bea’s earrings were that day.

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