Getting better

16 May


I’m slowly starting to feel better. Still coughing, but now I’m able to breathe normally without feeling like I was about to choke. This is good news mostly because J woke up with a cough this morning. He had to catch a cold to copy me…

We’re still packing things up. And we found a rental, which I’ll post more on when we move and I take pictures. But, I can say that there are two things that made my husband want it – it has a fenced in yard, and a craft room! It’s the house of someone on the faculty where he’ll be teaching who is moving, but didn’t want to sell her house right away, so we’ll be renting it. She has a 64 pound dog, so she didn’t mind pets – and if the fence keeps in her dog, we feel it should hold ours that are much smaller. Another big bonus for us is that it’s a ranch so we don’t have to worry about toddlers tumbling down stairs.

Now that we have a place, I really just want the move over.

Also, I should point out that since packing up my crafty things, I have a million and one ideas of things I want to make. I should really be writing them all down…or just work on tiny projects, or finish Bea’s cardigan…

The picture above makes me happy. B & L have finally grasped the concept of crayons and coloring. Bea can color for hours, she loves it – J always says she’ll be “artsy like her mom,” that makes me happy. Lucien likes coloring, too, but he also needs to be watched as when he thinks we’re not looking he likes to ‘taste’ the crayons. They’re not candy, but I’m happy their non-toxic. 


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