Tag Sale!

7 May


We’ve had a few showings on the house – doesn’t surprise me as we have a cute house with a full finished basement and an attic and just under 6 acres. Basements and attics are really rare here in Middle Tennessee.

Yesterday and today we’ve been having a tag sale. I’m surprised that not many people want B & L’s old clothes. Most of them have never been worn. However, I’m surprised that other things have gone. I keep hoping a tubby lady comes by and buys up all of this tubby’s clothes.

I like the chatty southerners that have come by the sale. We got to hear about someone’s hard luck kitten as they bought a cat brush that we never used. Some crazy old man asked me how many rattlers I’ve killed – none, the one I saw I just took a pic of and left alone – he then lifted up his pant leg to show us his rattler bite scar! A woman told us about how her ex bought their house from under her…people chat about a lot of things, I guess.

Anyway, the photo is of my mom & the babies. Keep in mind that the ONE time I tried to take them out in the double stroller, B screamed when I put her in the back seat. Then L screamed when I switched them. So, rather than have a tantrum in the stroller in public, we never used it. My mom put them in it yesterday and they loved it – of course, right.


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