26 Apr


I’m posting this from my phone, and I didn’t take any pictures of their Easter outfits from my phone…but, Bea did actually wear this same dress to church with her dad, except instead of the big flower in her hair, there was a sparkly dragonfly barrette.

So, today was Easter.

My mom’s visiting for a few weeks, she got here yesterday. We brought the babies to the airport to surprise her, I think it made her day. I want to say up front that I’m really happy she’s here, however, I hate that when it comes time for me to deal with her I turn back into my 16 year old self – maybe that’s most unfortunate for my husband.

My husband took the kids to church this morning. I never go, which might be problomatic for J when the babies figure out that I don’t go…anyway, I’ve been tempted to go once because J keeps telling me about ‘fat baby’ – a 10 month old that outweighs my 2 year old by at least 15 pounds. But that’s not really a reason for someone to go to mass…

My mom and I both stayed home and made Easter lunch. I got a Celebration roast since it was a special occaison, for J. We also made mashed potato, mashed carrots (which my mom usually mashes with turnip, but we both forgot to buy one), and cole slaw. All the desserts were store bought, so I won’t bother mentioning them (cheesecake!). Oh, my mom actually had chicken for lunch because anything vegetarian freaks her out. And Bea had a peanut butter sandwich because she freaked out at the carrots and ended up skipping lunch in favor of a nap.

Today was the first day I could say I was really feeling more like myself. I’m so happy to be almost back to being me and not being sick.

Tomorrow is Lucien’s 2 year old wellness visit at the doctor. I’m sure she will have wonderful things to say about him. I’ll also have to get on an actual computer to post some of our goofy Easter shots complete with bunny ears and lots of bubbles.


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