(Almost) Wordless Wednesday & vegan kickstart: day 10

14 Apr


The babies love tickle time. They are full citizens of a magical place known as Tickletown.

So, day 10. Double digits! Breakfast was the usual. Lunch was take out Mexican. I got a veggie burrito, no tomato and hold the cheese. They actually put the cheese in a little container…so, the babies ate it with their cheese quesadillas and guacamole. Jeremy usually orders some sort of chicken thing, but since I went in to order the take out I got him crab enchiladas because it sounded freaky. Yes, I totally order things because it sounds freaky. For reference, there’s the time we went to the Chocolate Mousse in Bloomington and I ordered a chocolate cone to be dipped in the cherry red shell stuff, only because I was convinced it would look and taste like red plastic. It did. Okay, back to meals…I think dinner tonight is some leftover pasta with added veggies. I’m lately into mac & (fake) cheese with broccoli, and thankfully the babies like it too.

Anyway, we also went to World Market today. I bought a new coffee flavor. If you know me then you’d know that I’m pretty loyal to flavors of things, brands I buy, and what I order at restaurants…so this is a big deal. But I couldn’t pass up coconut marshmallow flavor! We brewed some up as soon as we got home and holy crap! it is amazingly good. I might be going against my New England roots by saying this, but it’s better than Dunkin Donuts coffee. The sales gal told me it was special for Easter. This means I need to buy lots of it when it goes on clearance.


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