Professional Photos

12 Apr

So, we have this friend, Jennifer, she’s a photographer. We contacted her to take some pics of the babies before we move. We met up with her a few weeks ago so she could meet Bea – after the last professional pics we had done, where the photographer made Bea cry, we wanted to make sure Bea was okay with Jennifer.

It looks like she was as she kept wanting Jenn to hold her…

Anyway, we’re doing the actual pictures at the beginning of May, but here are a couple of the test shots she took of the petits. She also did Jeremy’s author photo for his new book, but you’ll need to buy his book to see that one. 🙂

I’m into this one, because I like my disembodied hands. I was trying to make him laugh, as you can see it didn’t work, but this picture makes me laugh.

I like this one of Beatrice, she looks grown up. I made her dress. I don’t know why I picked those particular pants, I think I like the idea of mixing prints and keeping her in bright colors – at least for as long as I control what she’s wearing.

Anyway, if you’re local to TN, you should check out Jenn’s website, Photojennic.


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