4 Apr

Spring is finally here!

We took the babies, toddlers?, out to play a lot in this wonderful spring weather. Personally, I love spring (and fall) when the weather is slightly warm and you can go outside and not be super duper hot. Spoiler: though I am a July baby, I really hate summer. Anyway, the above picture was taken at the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro. The petits had a blast pointing at and screaming “DUCK!!!” at all the ducks and geese. I should also point out that Bea’s swinging in the air because that cement block we’re on and the ones around it are surrounded by a lily pond. There’s a gap between the cement blocks of about 3 inches. My fear was that Bea would not notice, or care, and step right into the pond. Besides, she really LOVED being swung in the air.

Here’s a better picture of the pond. It’s isn’t very deep, I’d say less than a foot, but it was full of tadpoles and frogs and snakes, which aren’t really a problem exactly, but there was also a ton of yucky looking algae which I’d prefer to not have to wash off of someone, let alone let the someone with algae in my car.

We also took them to Centennial Park in Nashville, to meet up with a friend of mine to feed the geese. Unlike the geese of Elizabeth Park, in Hartford, CT, who are INSANE, the geese at Centennial Park were well behaved and stayed in the water. The ones at Elizabeth Park come out of the water and have been known to chase people clear across the park. Oh, and fun side note about Elizabeth Park – if you check out the link, my husband and I were married in their rose garden. It would totally make us seem swanky except that it was free to get married there, how not sentimental am I tonight?
I love this tabloid magazine style picture of us that my friend took.

We played out back. The weather has been kind of perfect for kite flying. J & I have been amazing the petits with our kite flying skillz. Clearly, they are only amazed because they don’t know any better.
My husband took this picture of us. I like how the three of us are doing completely different things.

I don’t really have much of a point for this post except that I really just wanted to say that I hope this amazing weather holds up and doesn’t get too hot too soon.


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