Can you spot my family?

26 Mar


I took this the other day. It’s in my backyard. Amongst my friends I’m not really known to be outdoorsy. At all. I’ve never even gone camping, and trust me, you would not ever want to camp with me. Yet one of the reasons why we moved to our town, rather than to Nashville, was because I’ve always wanted to live on a small farm. Weird right?

I got the small farm bee in my bonnet when we were living on the northern coast of Maine – Maine is full of small farms, and big ones. So, we found our house with a few acres. Perfect, but as you can see we never started the farm.
We’ve consistantly planted a tiny veggie garden – only the basil grew. Seriously, I couldn’t keep tomatoes alive! Ha. We thought about adopting a pig at one point – it was in our local animal control, but we didn’t have any fencing. Don’t worry about the pig, a pig rescue group adopted him.

I suppose that one great thing about our lack of fences is that we see deer almost everyday. I might not miss living in Tennessee very much, but I will miss seeing deer and wild turkeys in my yard all the time.


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