a bit late for international women’s day…

11 Mar

So, it was international women’s day the other day. I had meant to post. Mostly because last year on women’s day, Bea’s foster father sent us the most priceless picture of her in an adorable African print outfit.

She’s the one screaming amongst her foster sisters. She was about 6 months or so in this picture. At the time, I remember saying that I admired her commitment to screaming. Now that she, and Lucien, have been home for just about 10 months, I can say that she still screams a lot, like in that picture, and I still can say that I admire her commitment to screaming – although not so much when I’m driving.

B carrying a toy like a purse

She’s changed a lot in the 10 months she’s been home. She’s still fairly shy, but she’s starting to open up more to new people. I like that she’s more cautious than her brother – he’d probably leave with whoever had the better candy…

Anyway, here’s a picture I took of her tonight. This is more like her. Making a silly face and probably wondering when I’ll stop taking her picture.

I think she's thinking, enough with the pics

*yes, she is wearing skeleton print pants in the middle picture.


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