Another barrette for B

13 Dec


When I went to my local big box store the other day for some cheap groceries* – I spied these awesome super glittery Christmas ornaments. Now, I love glitter anything. I’m seriously like a child who will just stop to check out the glitter (or puppy) regardless of what else I’d been doing. So, when I saw these I needed them but my problem was figuring out what to do with them since we don’t put up a tree.**

My first thought was a barrette for B. I cut the ornament in half – there were two sides, and slicing it was kind of hard. I took some jewelry pliers and snipped the spoke-like parts of the flower. Then I had enough room to stick an exacto knife in the middle to the plastic piece holding the ornament together – then I wedged my scissors inbetween and finally it cut in half. Then I just hot glue gunned myself a blank barrette thing to the back of it.

I love how it came out. I (secretly) also love how it’s leaving glitter everywhere, I do not like how it is hard to clean the glitter out of my daughter’s hair.

* seriously, since the pediatrician suggested that we give the babies soy/rice/almond milk rather than the regular stuff – it’s mad cheaper at the box store. Also, I personally prefer it cuz I find the taste of real milk repulsive (but that’s a quirk on my part).
** we have 2 dogs and 2 cats, they’d knock it over in no time, never mind the babies…


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