Grandma’s Visit

2 Nov

I mentioned in my last post that my mom was here visiting – she came down for 2 weeks. The babies *love* when she’s here – I felt kind of bad for them this morning when they woke up and searched the house for her (she left to catch her flight before they woke up).

When my mom was here, we did a family weekend in Atlanta. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on my blog before or not, but I love Atlanta. I’ve only been a few times, but have loved it every time – although it falls into a category where I love visiting, but I would never want to live there. Anyway, we went down because my husband wanted to go to an Amnesty International conference – the rest of us just wanted to hang out in the city. My mom and I didn’t do very much, mostly because the babies were kind of weirded out to be in a hotel and out of their routines. We did go to the aquarium, which was nice – but at one point B freaked out because of all the crowds.

This is my favorite picture from the aquarium. I love his L’s little legs are hanging and he and my mom are really into checking out the stingrays. I tried to show them to B, but she wasn’t interested.

While in Atlanta, we also went to my all time favorite vegetarian restaurant – Soul Vegetarian!! I told the guy there that if I wasn’t already married, I’d put the moves on their mac & cheeze…I also hit up Ikea, Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe where I picked up some vegan Dandies marshmallows for Miss B as well as a bunch more stuff, and lastly, we went to Youngblood.

We also, went to a super Target near our hotel where my husband and my mom made fun of me for flipping out and buying a bunch of Miss Jessie’s hair products. I guess with Atlanta being a major metro area, they would have a better ethnic hair section. I bought the curly buttercreme and the curly pudding – and have been loving how it looks in B’s hair. Her curls seem way nicer and are definitely much, much softer. I’m trying to get better about ‘doing’ her hair now that it’s a bit longer and her bald spot is mostly grown in. This is a picture I took of her after puffing out her ‘fro and putting a little flower in it. I know it’s borderline crazy, but I love this outfit and wish I had tights like that in my size…


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